US Patent 6,240,346 at USPTO   European Patent #1189772   Canadian Intellectual Property Office #2345542  

  1. Mobileye Advance Warning System 

  2. U.S.Department of Transportation ITS Collision Avoidance 

  3. Volvo Collision Avoidance

  4. Ford Motor company rear collision warning system alerts the driver of an impending accident

  5. Mercedes-Benz Distronic system click on view interactive feature

  6. Mobileye Camera based Systems for Automotive and ITS applications

  7. Lexus adaptive cruise control

  8. Delphi adaptive cruise control

  9. Ford Motor company adaptive cruise control

  10. MPH Industries (Pre event recording)

  11. Vetronix Corp (crash data retrieval system)

  12. Intelligent Transportation Safety Systems (INTRASS)

  13. Eaton VORAD  

  14. Visteon Corp  

  15. Red Herring Press Release on Mobileye Vehicle Camera Technology

  16. NHTSA Rear-end Collision Field Operational Test Status report pdf file 

  17. Road Safety International (Vehicle Data Recorder)

  18. BMW active cruise control

  19. Bosch launched adaptive cruise control on BMW 3 series

  20. Delphi Forewarn adaptive cruise control on Jaguar XKR offered by Ford 

Intelligent Transportation Systems meeting April 20 & 21st 2006

NHTSA Automotive Collision Avoidance System Field Operational Test / Third Annual Report

ACAS/FOT Warning Cue Implementation Summary Report May 2002

ACAS/FOT Phase I Interim Report May 2002

Ward's Auto World article 

NHSTA Rear-End Collision Avoidance

Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (Human Factors reports & Ongoing Projects)

UMTRI Nov 15, 2001 Press Release       

Delphi Automotive     General Motors R&D     Siemens Automotive

US DOT sponsored Automotive Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) first annual report

US DOT Transportation Statistics Annual report 1999 

US DOT National Transportation Statistics Tables 1998 and 1999 

Early Assessment of 1998 Crashes, Injuries, and Fatalities

Bureau of Transportation Statistics     NHTSA Crash Avoidance Research reports     

ITS America    National Transportation Library US DOT


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